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Hi Leon

We had 14 runs for the week, with the best speed 153.096 MPH, which broke the 149.377 MPH record, but we lost the record following day to a GSXR750 that went 160 MPH. However we didnt reach full power, at 8200 RPM, as the 5th gear overdrive was too great a step dropping out the power band, it dropped from 8750 RPM to 7250 RPM when changing from 4th to 5th and only managed to get up to 7500 RPM at WOT.

Ill consider changing 5th gear ratio from 24/26 to 25/26, which is available on the different model GT than mine.

main jets 340

power jets 50

FA ratio 12.7

Anyway we had a good time, & didn’t damage the engine.Thanks for your help in breaking the 149.377 MPH record.

Stephen Finn.

Testimonial Happy Customer I got my big my big boy toys

The most important times in my life are weekends spent with my sons. From fishing in my new boat to the weekends out on our bikes. It was all made easier and more enjoyable by the guys at Boats & Bikes. For the best customer service in the Mid North on sales and for all extras go see Leon, and for the best after sale services and care for all my toys I say go see Keegan and Hayden. Lets all remember that real customer service is not dead from the team at Boats & Bikes.

By Dan Freer and his two sons.

Thanks Dan from the team its our pleasure


just offering some before and after shots of our winter project at Boatsnbikes, lovely old thing 1990 model 6.3 Yalta with a Alloy pod and a 200 Hp Yamaha, some of the features are on board shower and toilet, hand bowl and cooker great weekender. So we have decided to do this one up and show you the progress , and just what any boat can look like with a little love . stay tuned

Suzuki Motorcycles Unleash New Website

Suzuki Motorcycles have just unleashed their new website. We’ve checked it out and it looks awesome. Don’t take our word for it – check it out yourself. Here are what Suzuki themselves have to say on the matter:

Suzuki Motorcycles Australia is inviting the motorcycling public to explore the all-new website. The website has been completely redesigned to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout. Customers can access detailed product information, images and videos with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.

The new site includes extensive product information to help customers understand the complete range of Suzuki Motorcycles, ATVs and Scooters. This information is now even easier to navigate with the new browse function which allows customers to filter the product range in terms of engine capacity, price range, model categories and learner-approved status. The compare function, allows the user to compare the full specifications of up to 3 models simultaneously.

Created with the ultimate user experience firmly in mind, the website has been designed using the latest technology and compatibility with today’s browsers and mobile devices.

Customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting in the purchasing process. This is a direct result of talking with our customers and gaining valuable feedback.

On, visitors will also be able to stay informed with the latest Suzuki news such as model announcements, special offers, racing results and upcoming events.

Makes you feel like buying a new bike to celebrate doesn’t it?

Snapper Scales

I know we’re not allowed to catch any at the moment, but isn’t it always the same when you cant do something its all you think of, anyway i heard a beauty the other day of a guy that puts his boot on the tail and scales the Snapper with a high pressure cleaner, he tells me its really effective, bugger that I’d be the mug that left the soap suds on, I would rather skin and fillet if I ever catch any LOL.

Suzuki Motorcycles and Honda Marine Parts Shop Now Online

Our site is now online including an online shop for Honda Marine and Suzuki Motorcycle parts. Our website is the first online shop for Honda Marine parts in Australia. Do us a favour and check it out, order a part online and be sure to have a chat with us about it on Facebook.